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Welcome New Brand Ambassador 


First Things First...

Let's Setup your Brand Ambassador Account.

  1. Click the button below "Go to Portal"

  2.  On the Portal homepage click "Join Now"

  3. Enter your desired user info.

  4. Once you have completed this step please return to this page and continue.

Next, let's set up your coupon code.

  1. From the portal homepage click "change coupon code"

  2.  You can enter any code that you would like. This is the 10% off code that you will promote and receive commissions. 

  3. Enter your desired user info.


Next, is your personal discount code.

  1. This code is the code you will use for your own personal orders you place. This code gives you 25% off of the entire site and it is to only be used by you. 

  2. This personal discount code will be generated automatically within 24hrs of you creating your account. If you do not see your personal discount code on your home page within 24hrs please email us at


It is important that you never share this code with anyone as it will only work for your account. Please do not accidentally promote your personal discount code to the public. (this mistake has been made in the past and it is a big headache). 

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